Lore and Science in Ancient Pythagoreanism

By Walter Burkert

For the 1st English version of his amazing examine, Weisheit und Wissenschaft: Studien zu Pythagoras, Philoloas und Platon, Mr. Burkert has generally revised either textual content and notes, bearing in mind extra literature that has seemed seeing that 1962.

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The following w e are at the shaky flooring o f educational and Peripatetic controversy. Dicaearchus and Clearchus supply a truly diversified record o f Pythagoras’ past incarnations: Euphor­ bus, Pyrandrus, Aethalides, a gorgeous prostitute named Alco, and Pythagoras. one hundred and one It appears as if every one handled the Pythagoras culture as his whim or delusion dictated. truly, it may be proven that there has been an self sustaining culture related to Aethalides,102 Hermotimus,103 and the Delian fisherman,104 ninety eight Zeller, SBBlit 1889, 990; I 396 n. 1, 584 n. five. by contrast interpretation Rostagni (Verbo 229ft) cites fr. 132, which exhibits that during Empedocles* view there are always “ divine** males. The attribution to Pythagoras has been defended additionally by way of Kranz, Hermes 1935, 112 n. 2; Mondolfo in ZM 329: lengthy ijff: Timpanaro Cardini 176 Maddalena, too, concedes this (64. 3), yet contests the relationship with metempsychosis, considering the fact that Nico­ machus translates the phrases as bearing on Pythagoras* listening to the concord o f the spheres; however it should be that Nicomachus, or one o f his predecessors, used to be attempting to get rid o f the metempsychosis thought. ninety nine avOpa>TTU)v atoiv — new release ; cf. Aesch. Sept. 744 (Long 21, 51); wrongly “ in seinen zehn und zwanzig Menschenleben,” DK. Homer’s Calchas is familiar with “ what's, what w ailing be, what was’* (II. 1. 70), the sibyl, too, defies time (Heraclitus fr. 98); cf. additionally Parmenides fr. four. 1. a hundred Fr. 89 W . = D. L. eight. four; repeated Hippol. Ref. 1. 2. eleven, Por. vice president forty five (Euphorbus on the beginning), Tert. An. 28f (Pyrrhus earlier than Hermotimus), Schol. Soph. El. sixty two = Suda s. v. 17817 (Ilvdios as an alternative o f Ilvppos), Hieron. In Ruf. three. forty (from Por. vice president forty five; Callicles in its place o f Aethalides), Schol. Ap. Rh. 1. 646 (a double model, with Hermotimus as soon as corrupted to *H\cZ6s n$ and positioned after Pyrrhus, and the second one time left out). See Rohde, Psyche II four i7ff = 598ff Eng. ed. , Rathmann nine n. sixty seven. Which ebook o f Heraclides is the resource is doubtful (the Abaris based on Corssen, RhM 1912, 28; A. Rehm ibid. 423; L<£vy, resources forty; Wehrli, hesitantly, indicates the awow ). one zero one Dicaearchus fr. 36, Clearchus fr. 10 = Gell. four. eleven. 14. 102 Pherecydes o f Athens, FGrHist 3F109 = Schol. Ap. Rh. 1. 645. (See Jacoby’s notice; the attribution to Pherecydes o f Syros, D okay 7B8, can scarcely be correct. ) Aethalides is a son o f Hermes. He has the privilege that his soul may well reside half o f the time in the world and half o f the time in Hades; this can be reminiscent o f the Dioscuri, no longer o f metempsychosis. Aethalides belongs to Lemnos; this can have anything to do with the meant Tyr­ rhenian starting place o f Pythagoras (ch. II 2, n. 12). 108Below, nn. 177-178. i°4 Pyrandrus is among the similar as Pyrrhus. The ability o f a definite “ Delian diver** was once proverbial (D. L. 2. 22, nine. 12, Herondas three. 51). there's a swimmer close to the send o f Theseus because it lands in Delos, at the Francois vase. possibly a few Delian ritual lies within the historical past. 138 3. Metempsychosis and “ Shamanism ” yet now not Pythagoras. evidently Heraclides first positioned the 2 traditions jointly and the “ appealing prostitute** could be a sarcastic addition o f Dicaearchus.

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