The Athenian Constitution: (Aristotle Masterpiece Collection)

...[They have been attempted] by means of a court docket empanelled from one of the noble households, and sworn upon the sacrifices. The a part of accuser used to be taken by means of Myron. They have been came upon in charge of the sacrilege, and their our bodies have been forged out in their graves and their race banished for evermore. In view of this expiation, Epimenides the Cretan played a purification of the town.

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1, fifty nine, sixty three. 1, Epit. eight; thesmothetes used of any member of the board of ten, sixty three. five, sixty four. 1, sixty six. 1. Thesmotheteum (office of thesmothetae): three. five. Thetes: see Labourers. 3rd (trittys). One 3rd of a tribe, outdated or new: p. forty, eight. three, 21. 3–4, forty four. 1 Thirty. Ruling physique of oligarchs 404–403: 34. 2–41. 1; cf. forty-one. 2; quantity passed over, Epit. 6. Tholos: see around condo. 3 Thousand. physique of privileged voters 404–403: 36–7. price ticket (pinakion). Issued to guy registered for jury provider, and utilized in conjunction with allotment-machines: sixty three. four; cf. sixty four, sixty five. 3–4, sixty six. 2. See figures three and four. Timema, Timesis: see review. Timetai: see Assessors. Token (symbolon). Tokens issued to jurors: sixty five. 2, sixty eight. 2n. ; sixty eight. 2, sixty nine. 2; cf. the acorn (balanos), sixty three. 2. sixty four. four, sixty five. 1–3; and the employees (bakteria), sixty three. 2, sixty five. 1–3, sixty eight. 2, sixty nine. 2. city corridor (prytaneion). The ceremonial headquarters of the nation; initially the place of work of the archon, retained because the construction containing the fireplace the place the city’s sacred fireplace burned, and the development the place these whom the nation needed to honour have been entertained: three. five, 24. three, sixty two. 2; Solon’s legislation maybe preserved there from the fourth century, 7. 1n. Treasurers (tamiai): name used really of the treasurers of Athena, four. 2, 7. three, eight. 1, 30. 2, forty seven. 1, 60. three; treasurers of the opposite Gods, 30. 2n. , forty seven. 1n. ; treasurer of the council, forty nine. five; treasurers of the Paralus and Ammonias, sixty one. 7; see additionally military fund, Colacretae, pageant fund, Hellenotamiae. Tribes (phylai). initially the electorate of Athens have been divided into 4 tribes, in accordance with genuine or alleged kinship and allegedly named after the sons of Ion: pp. 39–40, eight. three, forty-one. 2; divided into ten new tribes by means of Cleisthenes, according to where of place of abode at the moment yet hereditary thereafter, 21, cf. fifty six. 2, sixty two. 1, sixty three. 2, and lots of passages touching on appointments on a tribal foundation; the previous tribes remained in life, and the 4 tribal heads (phylobasileis) retained a functionality in murder trials, 21. 2n. , fifty seven. four. Trierarchs. wealthy voters accepting monetary and basic accountability for a boat within the Athenian military; initially one guy appointed to 1 send for a 12 months, yet from c. 357 geared up in symmories: sixty one. 1. Trieropoioi: see Trireme-builders. Trireme-builders (trieropoioi). A sub-committee of the council: forty six. 1. On triremes and bigger warships see forty six. 1n. Trittys: see 3rd. Tyrant. a guy who usurps absolute strength over the kingdom: 1, eleven. 2, 12. three, 14–19, 20. 4–5, forty-one. 2 Epit. 2, Epit. four; cf. 22. 3–6, 27. three Valuation (apotimema). Of the safety provided by way of a guy wishing to hire an orphan’s property: fifty six. 7. Vote of self assurance (epicheirotonia). A vote taken every one prytany to come to a decision no matter if the officers at present in workplace may still proceed in place of work: forty three. four, sixty one. 2, four. Well-born (eupatridai). A privileged crew of aristocratic households, in the wider circle of the clans, stated to were set aside via Theseus yet actually the households which emerged such a lot winning from the darkish age following the breakdown of the Mycenaean civilization: pp. 39–40; cf. 2. 2, three. 1, three. 6, eight. 2, 20. three. employees for the folk (demiourgoi).

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